7 Tips To Make The Best Of Email Marketing

By Alina Kemakh

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There is an opinion that email marketing is a tool to dismiss. However, there is another opinion to withstand. Email Marketing is a useful aspect of marketing in the right hands, using it properly and beating the bag out of it. Here are the tips which can come in handy when planning the email marketing strategy.

  1. Personalization
    Emails with the name of the receiver in the topic of email writing can kindle the interest more often than leaving it empty. Personal addressing to the person can also play a big role.

  2. Brevity
    Due to the tendency of reading the content on the go, lowering of the attention concentration, hardly any will read the message from cover to cover. Itís important to present the information brief and to the point.

  3. Brightness
    Pay attention to editing of the text, colors, paragraph spacing so that the content will be easy to remember. Itís not necessary to make a play of colors as it likely not to overdo it.

  4. Time and frequency
    When it comes to private interests of the customers itís better to send emails at the weekend. When itís connected with the professional area, the best are workdays. Itís likely to make an experiment and trace which factors influence on your CTR and conversion.

  5. Automation
    Connect the automated tools that will adjust the newsletter under the user's behavior. Automate your subscription to the site, thank-you letters, email updates. As a result, you will save a lot of time and resources for email campaigns.

  6. Mobile market
    Take into account the mobile market.The letter should be convenient to receive, read, and perceive from the smartphone screen. You should also focus on the pictures. They have to be adapted to the screen of mobile devices.

  7. Testing
    In order to find the optimal solution, do A / B testing, dividing the subscriber base into several pieces and sending a different versions of the same letter to the different parts of the base. Analyzing the percentage of each email opening, you'll see which one works better.

Alina Kemakh is a marketing writer at Erminesoft. She likes writing articles as in writing she sees the working of the mind and imagination.

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Article Submitted On: February 02, 2017