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7 Steps to Find a CPA

By Amelia Grant

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Dealing with finances can be intimidating, but finding a good accountant, can at times be even harder. No matter what city you live in, there is always dozens of accounting firms available for you to choose from. How do you know which one is best for you? We prepared the following seven tips to help you when searching for that perfect accountant.

  1. Assess Your Needs

    The first step in your search for an accountant, is to determine your needs. Why do you need to hire a CPA? You might need someone to file your taxes, or maybe you need help with bookkeeping of your business? Knowing your exact needs will limit your search make you more efficient as you research your options.

  2. Identify Areas of Expertise

    Once you establish your needs, you’ll be able to more easily determine the type of accountant that would best fit them. The world of “accounting” is vast and ranges greatly in different types and expertise. Make sure that the CPA you choose, excels in the area that you need help with.

  3. Ask Family & Friends

    By now, you should generally know what type of accountant you are looking for and what you want them to achieve. Now you just need to find the right firm. Before you start searching the internet for options, reach out to people you know and trust for their personal recommendations. If one of your friends had similar needs to yours, they might be able to recommend the right

  4. Begin Searching Yourself

    Start looking for the best CPA firm in your location. In today’s information age, it shouldn’t be hard to find several candidates. Once you do, vet them thoroughly and check their reviews. It’s also a good idea to ask them for references from past and current clients.

  5. Call Your Final 4 Firms

    By now you should have a list of the final four firms to choose from. They should all be within travelling distance to you and able to meet the specific needs you have. Write a list of questions that you want to ask them. For example their availability, pricing structure, years of experience, etc...

  6. Go In For a Consultation

    Most firms offer free consultation. Don’t forget to ask what paperwork they might need you to bring and how long the meeting will last. Once there, you should discuss your situation, goals, pricing and anything else that you are curious about.

  7. Choose a Winner

    By following these tips, at this stage you should have more than enough information to make your final choice. Call and schedule your first official appointment with the winning firm.

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Article Submitted On: May 03, 2018