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7 Simple Tips For Better PSD to WordPress Conversion

By Jason Aldein

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PSD to WordPress Conversion is the best solutions to create WordPress theme from Photoshop, to get search engine friendly blogging portal on Internet. Such a union PSD plays a vital role in creating visually compelling content to manage the blog portals.

This PSD transformation involves the integration of PSD files using WordPress. WordPress is a state in the most advanced blogging web application has a strong control over the blogging Web sites. In addition to simply being the largest blogging tool for the resident, WordPress is also famous for its unique and excellent Content Management System(CMS), which is widely used in web development for managing and organizing web content. You can get a WordPress theme or template by slicing PSD files . Check out this steps to learn about PSD to WordPress conversion processes.

  1. Analyze PSD files: First,a web programmer to analyze the PSD file format based on the full and find out whether it is simple or complex.In fact, this phase is all about planning steps will involve PSD to WordPress conversion process, such as splitting the layout into HTML, Adding,CSS code, header and footer, then the images.

  2. Break PSD to HTML : Break web developers in all departments to make HTML-layout easier. Web Programmer wraps Affairs Minister titles and comments (for dynamic code WordPress). In addition to this, break the web coder of the body, logo, website name and picture in its own core diva. After the rupture of their web developers to add an unordered list for navigation.

  3. Slice PSD files: PSD slicing out based web templates in the layers is one of the most important part of the WordPress theme / template integration and customization. Web developer should be sliced open files in Photoshop (software for image editing), or any other compatible software images. After slicing images, web programmer has the ability to add and remove buttons, links, text fields. In addition, you can even change the background image, color without any hassle. Sliced PSD file format based on the then saved as a bitmap, JPEG, GIF or any other compatible format.

  4. File Structure: Create separate files with the names, index.html (HTML code), style.css (code CSS styles), index.php (PHP code).

  5. PSD in HTML and CSS: Since, PSD file can be uploaded to your site and, therefore, cut the image is encoded with a high quality HTML then CSS.

  6. Integrate HTML / CSS to WordPress: Once upon a time, PSD files converted to HTML and CSS, then the web developer to integrate static design dynamic WordPress template / theme.

  7. Testing: Testing web pages in browsers is a very important role in the PSD to WordPress conversion process. One day, PSD to WordPress integration and configuration process then moves the last page of WordPress thoroughly tested on a variety of Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera, to check availability.
    These are simple tips for PSD to WordPress conversion. You have to be logical and creative both to convert PSD to WP. If you are a professional web developer working in a web design company then you should follow all these steps .

Jason Aldein works in a http://www.web-design-expert.com/">web design company in India. He is an expert of PSD to wordpress conversion. He has authored a number of articles on PSD to WordPress conversion process.

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Article Submitted On: February 02, 2012