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7 Relationship Tips for Tradesmen and Homeowners

By Mark Trescothic

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The relationship between a tradesman and a homeowner like every other relationship can be exhausting, complicated, and has its own ups and downs. It is needless to say that even in a business relationship, like personal ones, the problem isnít always one-sided. Both people have their own shortcomings and differences. The only way to make the relationship healthy is to be more understanding, cooperative with each other and working on oneís flaws on an individual level.

So here are some relationship tips for both sides:

  1. Be reasonable, realistic and check your expectations:

    Every homeowner tries to fit in everything one wishes for in a budget. So as a homeowner you need to understand that having too little a budget for too many facilities and intricacies is impractical and unrealistic. So evaluate your budget and consider things like taxes, inflation, labour charges etc. while presenting your local tradesman with a wish list.

  2. Be honest and transparent:

    Cheating is perhaps the commonest problem in every relationship! Almost a quarter of homeowners feel they are being cheated and overcharged by the tradesmen and to be fair, they arenít wrong too. Some local tradesmen may feel their clients know pretty less about the job and can this be easily manipulated. But remember your quotations are being thoroughly scrutinized by them and you've to be transparent.

  3. Avoid frequent changes:

    Homeowners often keep changing plans and adding more details as a project progresses. Last minute changes not only make your tradesman's job difficult but it also reduces efficiency. Sometimes this is where mistrust starts to develop. When the cost of the project goes up for these changes, a homeowner's lack of knowledge makes him/her think the tradesman is charging more. It is important for tradesmen to be calm and talk to the homeowner so that there would be better understanding.

  4. Keep your promises:

    This is important for both parties! Homeowners should promise to pay a certain amount of money on time and any delay is a major turn off for a tradesman. Similarly, a tradesman promising to finish the project on time within budget and then failing to do so is a turn off for a homeowner. So both parties need to stick to the time schedule.

  5. Give tradesman the space he deserve:

    About half of the local tradesmen London find it annoying when the owner stands behind watching over everything they do. As a homeowner, you need to respect and trust your tradesman. Checking in once or twice is fine but donít stand there as if you are judging their skills and efficiency

  6. Don't overreact:

    Don't panic and call your tradesman saying itís something urgent and needs to be fixed immediately when it can actually wait a few days. Most tradesmen find it extremely annoying so before calling up, try to assess the urgency.

  7. Maintaining a healthy relationship:

    Maintaining a healthy relationship with your tradesman is important to ensure quality services and quick response.

Mark Trescothic is an editor in Content & Communication. He has given his key contribution in construction related topics. He spent years in writing content for construction firms and tradesmen. Post your requirement at Bag a Builder and hire local tradesmen London in few clicks.

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Article Submitted On: May 10, 2018