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7 Hottest Hair Accessories Trending This Wedding Season

By Surabhi Joshi

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Your wedding dress is incomplete without those “essential” accessories. Don’t you agree? Well, these beautiful little things add up the glam quotient in your bridal look! In this article, we have cumulated a list of hair accessories that you can consider opting for.

  1. Tiaras:

    Every woman has grown up dreaming of those fairytales! What a better occasion than your wedding to live that dream? A fairy tale themed wedding to finally make that dream come true. Dream like wedding outfit, pretty footwear, and that lovely triangular tiara! Yes, tiara, the most sought out hair accessory that adds the perfect kind of elegance to your entire look. You can opt for vibrant and bright colors so as to look your best self on your big day.

  2. Floral headbands

    Floral headbands are being loved by all these days. Flowers hold a major significance in a wedding as they are a part of all the rituals. These embellished headbands give you the perfect ethnicity and that ever so gorgeous look.

  3. Elegant hair vines:

    Hair vines are so versatile! You can opt for these beautiful hair accessories to compliment a variety of gown styles. Hair vines impart a combination of Bohemian, vintage and feminine look. These wedding headpieces imitate garlands and give that naturistic touch to your attire.

  4. Couture clips:

    In case you wish to add glitz to your wedding hairdo, a couture clip is a perfect choice.

  5. Fingertip veils:

    Gone are the days, when hair accessories were all about those huge veils covering up half of the bride’s face. It’s time for fingertip veils now. You can either opt for a tulle topper or a longer waterfall style for that sheer elegance.

  6. Studded hairclips:

    Wish to add a bit of radiance to your wedding outfit? Try these studded and beaded hair clips designed as flowers, spirals and other such delicate patterns. You can add up to the beauty of your unique hairdos using these beaded hair clips.

  7. Delicate halos:

    You can go for a halo for that minimalist yet gorgeous look. A halo can add glamor to your updo without showing up much.

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Article Submitted On: May 19, 2017