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7 Foolproof Ways to Control Heating Costs

By Cheapest Home Heating Oil

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Nobody wants to be uncomfortably cold in the winter. As such, to keep their houses warm, homeowners often face unbelievably high heating costs during the coldest months of the year. Savvy consumers, however, realize they donít have to break the bank to be comfortable during the winter. Here are seven foolproof ways to keep your home fuel oil delivery costs under control.

  1. Caulk Your Outlets

    Electrical outlets on your exterior walls might be letting in more cold air than you realize. By removing the outlet cover, you can see whether you have uninsulated gaps around your outlets. If you do, you should consider using caulking or foam to seal spaces. Since outlets on interior walls donít allow warm air to escape your home, you donít have to worry about checking interior sockets.

  2. Replace Weather Stripping

    Weather stripping around doors and windows provides your home with an airtight seal. Over time, this stripping can become too compressed to do its job effectively. Similarly, missing or damaged stripping simply canít keep cold air out of your home. Thus, consider replacing weather stripping to improve your homeís insulation.

  3. Service Your System

    If you are constantly worrying about home heating oil fuel prices, you might have an inefficient heating system. Accordingly, you might consider contracting with a skilled technician for a comprehensive inspection. Remember, even small problems with easy fixes can cost homeowners a significant amount of money. Thus, if you can improve the efficiency of your furnace, you can likely save money on home fuel oil delivery.

  4. Change Your Thermostat

    Outdated and ineffective thermostats cost homeowners a fortune every year. If you have a thermostat that you canít program, you are throwing away money. Because of this, you should carefully inspect your thermostats features and abilities. If it isnít working for you, swap it out for one that better controls temperature.

  5. Clean Your Ducts

    Dirty ductwork can cause your houseís heating system to work harder than it should. As you might suspect, if your furnace is working overtime, it is likely using more fuel. To keep fuel costs down, then, plan to periodically clean your air ducts. Likewise, move any furniture or belongings that are sitting on or near air vents. By keeping vents clear, you can better guarantee even distribution of warmed air.

  6. Insulate Your Attic Door

    If yours is like many modern houses, it has sufficient insulation in the attic. If it doesnít, you should insulate the space between your ceiling and roof. But, you also should not forget about the attic door. By attaching some insulation to the access door, you can better improve your atticís overall insulation value. Then, by keeping cold air away from your interior rooms, you can likely save money on your heating costs.

  7. Conduct Inspections

    Finally, to keep your homeís heating costs in check, make sure you conduct efficiency inspections throughout the winter. By being vigilant, you can repair small issues before they become costly heating problems.

    Controlling home fuel oil delivery costs is essential to stay warm in the wintertime. By following these seven simple suggestions, you can likely keep your house toasty without breaking the bank.

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Article Submitted On: June 29, 2017