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7 Categories of Applications Which Can Improve Your Mobile Photography

By Maitri Shah

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Photography is loved by everyone and always wished to rejoice as a component of recognition. You will find people having at least one photo application to make use of in their smartphone which gives an allusion that use of Mobile Photography is sought and in demand.

We all use some or another sort of photo apps but we didn't know how these apps are grouped. Do you know the different category of apps available in the store? Well, don't worry if you are not aware as I am briefing different application groupings and how they are used.

  1. Camera apps:
    These apps are subcategorized into 2 types like:
    - Default camera app: This is a sort of application where pictures are captured using your inbuilt phone camera. So all the features of phone camera can be consumed along with functionalities of the application.

    Once the app is downloaded and settings are made, pictures are clicked with default camera only. These are one of the most appealing features wished by individuals.

    - Use of Application camera
    Here, pictures are captured from within the application i.e. to make use of apps functions, application's camera needs to be used.

  2. Editing Tools:
    When photos are shared, we want them to look good and so we wish to modify those pictures using one or another application. These are one of the very strong reasons behind the increase in the use of editing tools.

    Editing tools come with flip and rotate functions, filters, blurs, contrast, brightening and considerably much more to make your picture look astonishing.

  3. Filter apps
    - Various filters are provided which can change the look and feel of the photos. Vintage, B&W, film, portrait, Drama, crisp and much more are some of the most used filter forms. This is available as editing apps as photos are wished to refine once they are snapped.

    If you aim to reproduce the look and feel of your photograph, then filters are the best source. Diverse filter options are there which also allows previewing how this edited pictures look.

  4. Photo Stamping applications:
    This cluster might not be known to much individuals. Photo stamps is accessible in so many different types like date and time, signature, GPS, logo, text cluster and considerably much more.

    These are Best photo app cluster which has many fruitful uses. Additionally, these stamps are totally different from ancient time which were used for address identification. There is a wide range of areas where stamps can bring wonders to your snapped moments which includes:
    - security
    - remembrance
    - proof reading
    - Efficient work report generation, etc.

  5. Face apps:
    Selfies are mostly clicked with faces like the monkey, ducks which are in trend and captured every now and then. Snapchat is like example which is used to a great extent.

  6. Video apps:
    You can custom your video duration, resolution and select a suitable frame according to your choice. Also, make the camera focus and give suitable filter effects to make the video as per the requirements.

  7. Photo Sharing apps:
    Mobile photography has come to boom, it is counted as a professional too so folks, call yourself photographer!. Many people like to click and share photographs on social networks, as it gives a feeling of mini-celebrity.

    There are many photo sharing communities available among which Instagram is one of the most used and you might be surely aware of it.

I am Maitri Shah, content contributor which can help readers to get the best from the articles they read. I am also using photo stamping app which can bring a difference in my mobile photography as they are easy to use.

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Article Submitted On: October 04, 2017