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Top 7 Ways You Can Use Google+ to Promote Your Brand

By Rajeev R

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Google+ is proving a great option for businesses looking to expand their social media marketing programs. With many new tools and options, this social networking platform owned and operated by Google plays an important role in search engine optimization. Effective use of Google+ can greatly enhance your result page ranking.

  1. Include Keywords and Relevant Links in Your About Page

    The 'about page' is a great opportunity to give others a quick overview of your business. It should have a short and clear description about your business, products, and brand. Link building is possible via the 'About' page by which potential customers can be directed to the important pages on your website. The content posted on your Google Plus page should be both business-oriented as well as SEO friendly. Moreover, it should include everything that the customers want to know about your company.

  2. Be Active

    Google+ is a very good platform for content marketing. Make sure that you come up with interesting blogs and relevant articles that receive attention. If you are sharing the right content with the right people you're increasing your chances of expanding your reach.

  3. Use Google+ Events to Connect with Your Audience

    The events feature in Google+ allows users to send customized invitations to anyone, regardless of whether they are Google+ users or not. It can also be used to send out invites to webinars, work functions, parties, and Google+ hangouts. You can check your Google Calendar schedule when replying or creating an event in Google+ right from the event to see if you have a conflict.

  4. Schedule "Hangouts"

    Google+ hangouts are a free video chat service that enables both one-on-one chats and group chats among members. Its 'party mode' feature allows everyone to instantly upload pictures into the same album using the Google+ mobile application. It is possible to view photos in a chronological order as a slideshow.

  5. Optimize for the Best Search Results on Google+

    Personalization is one of the popular methods to achieve search result optimization. For example, if someone is following you on Google+, the chances that they will see your posts in Google's search results are high. The number of +1's received for the content would enhance search result ranking.

  6. Enhance Your SEO with Google Authorship

    In Google+, each author (member) has the option to share content by setting up Google Authorship. Google recognizes you through your Google Plus profile and links back from your content and vice versa. Your image from your Google Plus profile would appear next to your post when it appears in Google search results. With Google Authorship, Google will trust you as a quality source of content. Google Authorship allows you to enjoy the SEO benefits of Google+ with high click through rates for your posts.

  7. Identify Users to Communicate and Engage with

    The success of your business within Google+ will depend directly on how you connect from both your personal and business pages. Users and conversations can be found in two places

    - Google+ shared circles directory
    - Rich search functionality

    Google+ shared circles directory includes the complete list of Google+ circles based on the industry. Shared circles can be added to the personal Google+ circles with just a button click, which would offer a stream of posts and conversations to engage with. It would be valuable to accept those who can enrich the networking experience or add value to shared content.

    The rich search functionality on Google+ allows you to search for mentions of your brand and industry-related keywords. You can save the search results, monitor them regularly and reply to mentions, comment on threads and re-share people's posts to enhance your online presence. Responding to customers is important to let them know that you care about them.

    Spending a few minutes a day, on the profile will not only boost your Google+ profile, but also improve the promotion of your product.

Google Plus Marketing helps businesses share information about their services / products with their targeted audience. A professional SEO company can help you manage your Google+ profile for greater business benefits.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Rajeev_R

Article Submitted On: March 27, 2014