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Top 7 Content Types That Will Gets People Coming Back to Your Blog Again and Again

By Bambang Haryanto

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There is no exact formula for producing an article that will get significant attention,however there are definitely some key characteristics you can work on. You may be surprised when articles you write become so popular when you didn’t expect it, or the reverse where you pour your heart into a great article and it doesn’t do much for your traffic at all.

For attracting your reader attention you may create posts such as:

  1. “Top ten” lists.

    Create several useful top ten lists, and your blog will become the “go to” place for niche-specific information. For example, a weight loss site might list the top ten diets, the top ten weight loss supplements, the top ten exercises, the top ten fat-burning foods and so on.

  2. Product reviews in your niche.

    Be sure to list the product flaws as well as the good points, as absolute honesty fosters trust... and sales! Be sure to use your affiliate link.

  3. Controversial articles that go viral.

    Don’t be afraid to polarize your audience. You may repel some people, but you’ll draw your target market closer to you.

  4. Highly useful content.

    The type of content that others are selling.

  5. Strong opinion articles (which can often create a buzz).

    Go ahead and get passionate while taking a strong stand.

  6. Articles that join conversations already going on in your niche.

    If you take a different viewpoint or form a strong opinion, people will migrate to your blog just because you’re offering something different.

  7. Answers to frequently asked questions.

    (Just visit blogs in your niche to see what sorts of questions people are regularly asking.)

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Article Submitted On: April 28, 2009